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Accomodation right inside the school

Our accommodation and hostel fees for  2018

Accommodation: the two man rooms have double bunk beds, there is a kitchen for you to cook with micro wave and a fridge freezer for you to cool your things.  you bring cooking utensils only camp gas cooker allowed see pictures of the hotel rooms above.

Our hostel is right inside the school compound, it has double bunk beds for the two, and four man room.
It has a kitchen with a fridge freezer, gas cooker and cupboards.

only one medium size suitcase is allowed with reasonable number of shoes, so as not to burden others with your load.

Below are the prices for each bed space in the different types of rooms

MONTHS 1 man                   2 man,                                    4 man 

1       170,000                     130,000                                   100,000

2     280,000                       200,000                                  160,000

3      350,000                       250,000                                 200,000

4      380,000                      270,000                                  230,000

5     430,000                      320,000                                   260,000

6     450,000                     350,000                                   280,000

7     480,000                      380,000                                  300,000

8     500,000                      400,000                                  320,000
9     520,000                     420,000                                     340,000

10   560,000                      450,000                                    360,000

11 600,000                        470,000                                    380,000 
12 620,000                       500,000                                     400,000

13 650,000                      520,000                                    420,000

ALL FEES ARE NON REFUNDABLE and must be paid in full to the bank

service charge non refundable FEE 15,000 

First Bank account one stop celebration ltd no 2014392988, or

Zenith Bank OSC COLLEGE OF FASHION ltd acct no 1013953837 or


UBA one stop celebration account no 1018077929

Diamond bank account name one stop celebration ltd account number 0058225218

And bring the teller to the school to complete registration.

visit our website

looking forward to having you at our school, visit us at 11a Abajohnston
crescent Harmony enclave off Adeniyi jones ikeja Lagos.
 registration for next class is on now for January training  , we take in students  every first Monday of the month. 

There is 5000 refundable damage fee for the hostel

Please go to our website click  to see the pic of the hotel rooms

Note call 012911832 to book the rooms, first to pay gets the rooms.


why go anywhere esle


Our school is in a conducive environment of Harmony estate, air-conditioned classroom, Wi-Fi internet, projector in class room for viewing fashion films and documentaries and Skype teachings from our foreign instructors, fully furnished hostel facilities right inside the school, 40 generator to power all machines, packing space outside the school, all in a safe and secure estate.